I'm a Brooklyn born 10 year old girl that loves fashion and not afraid to be expressive with colors. My mom and I really got frustrated when we couldn't find age appropriate beautiful clothes for me to wear, it's still a little frustrating.  So we decided to search the world for affordable stylish clothes for girls that love to look like fashion princesses.  We use drop shipping vendors from USA & China. I actually choose most of the clothes and will one day start my own clothing line. I also dream of becoming a teacher, nurse and dancer. I have great roe models so I know I will be great in whatever career I decide.  A little more about myself; I love to read, dance, gymnastics, swim, school and playing ROBLOX..lol

Kennedy is an awesome loveable daughter that said to me one day " mom, why don't we just open our own clothing store?" "I responded, great idea, let's do it." I knew it would be time consuming, especially since I work full time and Kennedy is busy with school and activities but we efficiently allocated time for what we love, shopping and making others happy!

We hope you love the items in our store and would follow our journey in making girls feel happy, comfortable and look like a princess in the clothes we select, from all areas of the globe.

Happy Shopping!

Simone & Kennedy