Unique Fabric Designed Choker
Unique Fabric Designed Choker

Unique Fabric Designed Choker

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Eco-friendly Material



Jewelry Type

Choker Necklaces




Coordinating with Clothing




1.Consider the neckline.



The more bare skin is exposed around your choker, the more it will stand out, so definitely consider the necklines of your tops and dresses. Chokers are the most flattering with sweetheart, scoop, v-neck, strapless, off-the-shoulder and square necklines. For an alternative look, wear chokers with a top that leaves your chest and shoulders bare, like a corset.When possible, try selecting a choker design that coordinates with the neckline.



    For example, you could pair a gothic choker with a point in the middle with a v-neck top.



    Another example would be wearing a round-shaped choker with a scoop neck top.

    Avoid wearing chokers when you're wearing clothes with high necklines, since they might snag your clothing and cause your neckline to look bulky.


2.Match the choker style to your clothing style.



If you are into goth, alternative or punk fashions, choose chokers that reflect those styles. Velvet, lace and leather chokers all fall under that umbrella. Chokers also look fantastic with corsets and dramatic evening attire. Pair gowns with elegant pieces.



    Burlesque dancers love to wear chokers with their stage outfits, since they’re so flattering with that style.



    Bohemian fashions work best with crochet and tribal chokers.

3.Choose based on whether you’re wearing casual or formal attire.



Elegant evening wear works best with glamorous pieces that feature pearls, diamonds and ivory beads. Bridal wear is also similarly suited to those kinds of pieces. Fabric and crocheted chokers work best with casual Bohemian styles.



    Chokers that are simple strands, featuring beadwork or other embellishments, can look great with both casual and formal wear.



    A strapless formal gown can be made even more elegant with a delicate choker featuring translucent glass beads, crystals and gems.